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Conversation Starters

"What did you do today?" "Nothing." Heard this before? Your child's day has been jam-packed with rich experiences, but sometimes putting them into words can be difficult for a child after a long day. A little prompting with specific questions that go beyond yes-no answers can go a long way toward connecting with your child and finding what what their day was like. Try some of these:

What did your class read together today? Was there a part that you really liked or didn't like?

What food did you like best at snack time?

Who did you play with outside?

Did you learn a new game today? Is it a game we can try at home?

Did you learn about another country or place today? What is it like there?

Did you learn about an animal today? What is special about that animal?

What did you make today?

Do you have a job yet in the classroom? What is it?

Did you have a hard time with anything today? How did you get through it?

What did you do to help someone today?

Did someone help you today?

What was your favorite song that you sang today?

Did something funny happen today?

You never know what question will spark a great conversation! If your child doesn't feel like talking today, don't give up. It will mean a lot that you are interested. Sharing a story of your own is a great way to model connecting over the day's events

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