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Too keep up with real-time scheduling of programs, field trips and festivals,

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Oakwood Enrichment Academy

is a 32 week, 2-day onsite,

homeschool-hybrid program.

Oakwood Enrichment Academy
School Year Calendar

Oakwood Enrichment Academy
School Year Calendar

2023-2024 School Year

Thursday, August 31- Oakwood FamilyOrientation

Tuesday, September 5- First Day of School 


November 17-27- Thanksgiving Break


December 15- January 7- Winter Break


March 22-April 7- Spring Break

May 23- Last Day of Program*

May 28, 30- Available makeup days*

2024-2025 School Year

Tuesday, September 3  1pm-3pm- First Day of Class for T Th students (half-day)

Tuesday, September 3, 6pm- Gr 1-9 Family Orientation Night

Wednesday, September 4, 1pm-3pm- First Day of Class for MWF students (half-day)

Wednesday, September 3, 6pm- TK/Kindergarten Orientation Night

Thursday, September 5, and Friday, September 6- First full days of classes


November 23-December 1- Thanksgiving Break (no classes)


December 13- January 5- Winter Break (no classes)


April 12-27- Spring Break (no classes)

May 22- Last Day of Program*

May 27-30- Available makeup days*


* We will have classes on these days only if there are canceled days during the school year due to weather, teacher illness, or other unforeseen event.  We are not able to add additional makeup days beyond these two. 


Our end-of-year celebration will be at 1:30 on the actual last day of the program year.

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