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Acorn Village is joining the Oakwood family as Oakwood's premium TK and kindergarten program! We are so excited to be able to offer an authentic Montessori experience to our littlest Oakwood friends.

The years from ages 3-6 are said to be the most important in all of life for the formation of personality, self-concept, and attitudes toward learning.  The brain is changing rapidly, as neurons are pruned based on the child's life experiences. This is why the Montessori philosophy treats these years with such care. We provide these very special humans activities that bring them joy and pride, as well as set them up for a lifetime of successful learning and confidence. 

On your child's in-class days they will explore exercises in Language, Sensorial, Practical Life, and Math. They will build friendships and play in the mud!


At home, you are encouraged to continue building confidence through Practical life activities and an environment rich in nature and reading.


Please take a moment to look around at the links below, and don't hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or questions!

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